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Tips To Play The Keyboard Like A Professional

The keyboard may appear an easy instrument to play, but it is not! Keyboards come in multiple sizes and with varying numbers of keys. The more keys there are, the more challenging it is to play a keyboard. As a result, if you want to play the keyboard professionally, you need to keep a few things in mind. These will undoubtedly help you learn the keyboard quickly and play it professionally.

Choose the keyboard you are comfortable with

Choose the keyboard

Because there are numerous keyboards on the market, take the time to do your research to find the one you are most comfortable with that is best suited to you. You can go to several stores or look at keyboards online and read reviews to choose which keyboard is worth your money. Only when you’ve found the perfect keyboard can you start learning to play the keyboard comfortably and effortlessly.

Take time to learn the notes

This is one of the most common advice, but it is also the most important. Many people fail to master the piano chords and continue to play without realising it. You can play a few songs that you’ve practised without understanding the chords, but you won’t be able to compose your own tune. Not knowing the notes will not seem professional enough, and you will look like an amateur keyboard player. So, get yourself a workbook, either online or offline, and start memorising the notes.

Go for the major and minor chords

major and minor chords

Major chords are the most important chords on a keyboard and are pretty simple to master. You can learn the major chords by watching online lessons or learning from professionals, after which you’ll have a solid foundation for learning the keyboard further. Finally, once you’ve mastered the major chords, move on to the minor chords, which will take some time to learn but will put you halfway through the procedure.

Learn to rearrange the notes

After you’ve mastered the basics of major and minor chords, the next stage is to learn how to rearrange the notes. Because a note on a single keyboard can have multiple sounds with a higher or lower pitch, learning how to rearrange the notes can give you an idea of what you need in your music. You can try experimenting with the notes and produce a song in different pitches but with the same tone.

Learn to read the rhythm sheets

music rhythm sheets

Playing with a rhythm sheet in front of you is one of the most common ways to look professional when playing the keyboard. As a result, take your time reading and understanding the rhythm sheets, and then play the keyboard based on what’s mentioned on the sheet. This sheet is also known as a lead sheet, and it is used by most professional piano or keyboard players when performing. It is not as complicated as it appears to be to learn to read these papers. Practising with the sheets daily will get you well versed in it and turn you into a professional keyboard player.

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